Saturday, May 15, 2010

Johanna had her birthday party last Saturday, she had 7 friend sleep over. She found alternative accommodation for her sisters and brother and 11 and 12year old girls took over my house. We decorated miniature cakes with all sorts of sugary goodies and then they painted pillowcases with Ranger Dauber paints and stencils made with my faithful cuttlebug. Needless to say we were both shattered on Sunday.

Kia Ora! Its been so long since I posted, I'm sorry if you were hanging out for my exciting updates, he he he.

A lot has happened since my last post. I am still working at Scrapbook Studio and enjoying the access to Lisa's gorgeous fabric choices as well as the papers of course.

I have attached a photo of some toys I've been making. The owls were for my girls for Christmas and are stuffed with mini polystyrene balls for squishyness. I made up the pattern after seeing some cute owls on etsy. Check out my ancient sewing machine behind. Its vintage you know?

The Bunnies (or monsters) are made from socks with faces embroidered for cuteness. I donated a family of them to church and have some left to give to another charity my friend Emma recommended.
I am so glad I have gotten back to blogging, I find some really cool ideas by visiting others blogs.